JazzHooligan History

JazzHooligans were born out of the idea to perform jazzy/bluesy or bluesy/jazzy standards in an unorthodox manner. The unorthodox treatment of blues and jazz standards is truly the core of what it meant to us to “hooliganize” the songs. The original JazzHooligan lineup consisted of two guitars, keyboard, bass, and drums the same as it is today. The essence of the JazzHooligan sound came from the guitar instead of the keyboard often taking the melody in the songs that were performed as instrumentals. Free form improvisation characteristic of be-bop jazz was also an essential part of the JazzHooligan sound.

Over the years through personnel changes which lead to a totally different band chemistry, the JazzHooligans have moved about as far from a jazz band as is possible. Modern pop/rock selections played in drop tunings with a heavy base line and vocals bear no resemblance to the original catalogue of jazz standards. However, the spirit of “hooliganism” lives on in the current lineup.  Classic rock songs are sometimes played in a reggae feel, pop songs are played as drop tuning heavy metal songs, and un-usual instrumentation is often added.  With a sprinkling of modern hot country, heavy metal, pop, and modern rock the JazzHooligan sound is entertaining, musically adventurous, and very danceable.